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Faith Without a Mask Posts

Urgent Preparations

The 1st Sunday of Advent

There are a lot of preparations going on now that all the turkey has been eaten. [This/Last] morning I overheard someone at the bank talking about how two of the strands didn’t work and they have to buy new ones, later in the day I looked out my window to see a neighbor wrestling with garland and red bow ties for their fence, and even in my own garage I noticed the outdoor nativity set had been taken down from the attic and set aside to be ready to go.

This is all well and good, but this is secondary. The Gospel tells us not to get distracted by the things of daily life. There is something more urgent to do for you and me.

Lazarus at Your Door

The 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time

(Look at that! The art above by Jacopo Bassano is at the Cleveland Museum of Art.)

Back before I was a priest and still had a certain measure of freedom in my life, I would often house-sit for my sister and brother-in-law before they had my nieces and they had a certain measure of freedom in their lives to travel more. Those were some great summer days because as a college seminarian