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Faith Without a Mask Posts

What a Beautiful Light

The Presentation of the Lord

Every parish, large or small, historic or new, has its own particular beauty. I think my favorite thing here so far is in the spring and fall, the sunrise starts to be timed just right where – if its a sunny morning – our last stained glass window representing the resurrection paints the whole altar in this beautiful red glow right as I’m saying the Eucharistic Prayers during the weekday masses. I really don’t know how to describe it to you, the light, the color, the peace of a morning mass, and the joy of the Eucharist.

It’s something to see but it isn’t the particular beauty of our parish.

Seek Him Still

The Epiphany of the Lord

Years ago a priest in the diocese got a Christmas card featuring the three wise men. The front of the card was a decorative image of the three kings with their gifts, but the inside of the card said just one simple sentence. And every year on the feast of the Epiphany, this priest would give his shortest homily for the whole year by repeating that one sentence: “wise men still seek him”.

The Perfect Gift

The Nativity of the Lord

Ever get the perfect Christmas gift for someone? I don’t mean when you get the top item on their list that was just a little too expensive for them to count on getting, I’m talking about when you come up with an idea they didn’t even think of, you know them so well and by some inspiration you found something that has real meaning, something that is going to instantly put a smile on their face and maybe a happy tear to their eye. It’s a rare thing in life – or maybe it’s just a rare thing for me and you’re really good at the whole gift giving thing – but mentally put yourself in that moment for a second.

Urgent Preparations

The 1st Sunday of Advent

There are a lot of preparations going on now that all the turkey has been eaten. [This/Last] morning I overheard someone at the bank talking about how two of the strands didn’t work and they have to buy new ones, later in the day I looked out my window to see a neighbor wrestling with garland and red bow ties for their fence, and even in my own garage I noticed the outdoor nativity set had been taken down from the attic and set aside to be ready to go.

This is all well and good, but this is secondary. The Gospel tells us not to get distracted by the things of daily life. There is something more urgent to do for you and me.