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The Passion Received

Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

We have just proclaimed together the Passion and Death of our Lord, and remembered all the emotion, all the pain, and all the love that is wrapped up into the Cross. In a few moments what we have remembered will be in our hands, given to us to so that instead of a memory of the past being brought to us today, we go back in time to that very moment. Do you understand this? The Eucharist is the sacrifice of Christ. The same suffering, the same Body, the same Passion that we have listened to. This is one of the mysteries by which we have been reborn. As we wait for the joy of Easter, receive the Passion today aware of Christ’s love for you, a love that has giving you everything.

[Also, my blog website was giving me some difficulties again. Let’s hope the duct tape holds together until after Easter, when I’ll have time to switch to a new platform maybe. But don’t be startled if you eventually see some cosmetic changes.]

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Homilies are meant to be heard, not read… and part of the Eucharistic liturgy, not words that stand alone. Please remember that no homily is written with this blog in mind.

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