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Faith Without a Mask Posts

Keep the Lord’s Day Holy

The 4th Sunday of Lent

[All public liturgies in the State of Ohio are currently suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. This will be one part homily and one part pastoral message to my parishioners.]

If you spent time reading the sacred scriptures for this Sunday, I’m sure one line of the Gospel jumped out at you: “This man is not from God, because he does not keep the Sabbath.” This was the first reaction of some of the Pharisees when they learned that Jesus healed the vision of the blind man on the sabbath. But for us today this is likely the first time in any of our lives that Sunday Masses have been temporarily suspended.

Fear, Anxiety, But Also Christ

The 3rd Sunday of Lent

[Reminders about changes: no distribution of the Precious Blood, no contact sign of peace, standard hygiene… most of all, it’s not about your health it’s about our community health.]

It’s not my place to predict what will become of the coronavirus situation. I wish I knew what to prepare you for. I wish the line between precaution and over reaction was a little bit clearer. People are going to die, we just don’t know how many.