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Faith Without a Mask Posts

Sin is Less Than Human

1st Sunday in Lent, Year A

I remember the first time we talked about the story of Adam and Eve in religion class. It was third grade, I wasn’t exactly paying attention to what was going on in class, and suddenly I hear the teacher say, “OK class, today we’re going to learn about the sin of Adam.” I can only imagine the look of terror that must have come over my face until a few seconds passed and I realized that I was not the Adam being referred to. For all the rich meaning in the story of Adam and Eve, it’s sad that what we sometimes boil it down to is Adam’s sin. I understand why that happens — it’s a huge part of the story — but there is more there, too.

Fear as a Hinderance to Trust

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A

Last week the Gospel told us to love our enemies, and the reflection I had in my homily was that while it is a very simple instruction it is very hard to do because we get caught up in anger. Well today we have another simple instruction: do not worry. If you were listening closely, Jesus actually said those words to us three separate times in the Gospel reading. Do not worry. Just like last week, this is a very simple command, and just like last week I bet most of us have a really hard time living in this way. You know what’s really ironic? I spend a lot of time worrying about getting this homily written… and it’s a homily about not worrying…