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Month: December 2020

A Normal Christmas

The Nativity of the Lord

I bet if I asked the question, “so what do you want for Christmas”, that almost all of us would be thinking the same thing. Life to return to normal, right? I want this community to be back to normal where we can sit next to each other, see our smiles, hear our voices singing. Families want to see each other again just like in normal times and have the celebrations and the dinners and all the moments that mark the passing of the year. My friends have said they want their jobs to go back to normal, to be able to meet with clients and get their work done without all the extra complications. And if you can believe it

The Dwelling of God

4th Sunday of Advent

In our lives of faith this year, we all experienced a very unique time when we were separated from this physical building. For some of us this is still the case, as understandably we all have different levels of risk we can accept for ourselves and for our loved ones around us. But regardless, the point is we all now know – at least a little bit – what it is like to have no sacred space anchoring us to the experience of God.

For a long time, the people of Israel had no temple, no church, no structure to encounter the Lord. Early on they were nomadic, traveling out of Egypt and wandering the desert and slowly settling in the Promised Land. So instead of a building they had