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Month: February 2019

Resurrection, More Than Just Life

6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

A few years ago I was asked a fascinating question by a sixth grader in a PSR class. After talking to the class about whatever the main topic topic was I had some time to kill, so I was encouraging them to ask me anything, absolutely anything about any topic. After they started to loosen up and speak a little more freely this one boy raised his hand and asked this question with excitement and curiosity: “Is there anyway to not die?”

Pain, Truth, and Love

4th Sunday of Ordinary Time

No one asks to receive a prophetic message. In Christianity, prophecy is not knowledge of the future as much as it is a message of repentance. Prophecy is a message that says, “Look at your behavior. Look what you are doing and how you a living. If you continue on this path bad things are going to happen. You are not who you should be.” And the thing that really burns about receiving a prophetic message is that